New Russian Startup Company Offers Ads on Female Breasts

New startup was founded in the city of Ulyanovsk. Named, it offers an “Uber for Breasts”. Basically, it matches models to advertisers. Models capture selfies with ordered ads or congratulation messages written on chest for a small payment. On March 27, “Creative technologies” has run the commercial on YouTube. The website started gaining a lot of attention from the social media.

One ad used to cost 395 rubles ($7 USD). Founders of the project compared that cost to a couple of beers. However, the price was raised to 595 rubles ($10) because of the high demand for breast ads. The payment to models for every order remains the same – 150 rubles ($2,5 USD).

Twitter user @fcuktv tested the service and complained of a poorly done ad. Another client reported that his order wasn’t completed within two hours.

Nevertheless, some Russian companies already started using the service.

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