Parents sent American teenage girl to live in Siberia as punishment


Have you ever gotten so angry with your teenager, you wanted to send them to Siberia? Well, a Russian American mother did just that.

Born in Russia, 17-year-old Sofia Roberts, came to the United States at the age of two with her mother. According to wusa9, in 2011 the mother sent her daughter, then 15, from the town of Chantilly, Virginia to Novosibirsk to meet her biological father. But after Sofia arrived in Russia, her mother changed her plans and told her that she was going to stay in Siberia for longer than planned, and later decided to leave her there to live permanently, as she misbehaved at home.

In a letter, the mother and American adoptive father, a immigration lawyer, described her as «uncontrollable» and said that she missed school, brought boys to the house, left home, took drugs and stole more than $1,000 from them.

According to the girl, she didn’t speak Russian at all when she arrived and her father didn’t understand English. She also complained that her father was an alcoholic, didn’t feed her and occasionally beat her. She fell into depression and even tried to commit suicide.

Sofia now lives at a hostel, where she works 60 hours a week to fund her studies.

The girl’s friends are trying to help her return to America before she turns 18: the Russian embassy has warned her that the chances of obtaining a U.S. visa will decrease when she becomes an adult.

The girl’s mother and adoptive father told the channel’s reporters that they will only take her back if she shows them that she has changed her behavior.

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