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Rugs on the Walls: Russia’s Weird Obsession


Russians love carpets. As far as it’s known the habit of hanging carpets on the wall became a common practice during the Soviet times. The idea behind it is still unclear, but one can only speculate that insulation was the main reasoning. Besides that, Soviet people stocked up valuable carpets as a dowry for their children. Also, in the communal apartments, rugs were used as soundproofing mean. Many people hid wall defects, repairs with the carpets. Some simply used them as decorations. We can assume that this tradition has spread from the East, where the carpets were considered a work of art and a symbol of wealth.










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          • Lovery reply. Well… Allow me to retort as Jules from Pulp Fiction said.

            I AM russian, I live in subberb of Moscow city. I’m 25 and I drive mazda 6. I’ve graduated from State University few year ago and now work. Soooo……. What is expressed on those photoes is a f**king retards, “bydlo” as they are called here – people of low income, low education, nerrow minded and apperently lacking of any feeling of style 🙂

            I’m 100% sure that any nation around the world has got their rednecks. The problem with these rednecks is that they got an internet connection.

            About the carpets – it’s totally true though, almost evey grandma has a rag on the wall. However if the apartment is new, or the has been renovated, most certainly the rug will be ditched.
            Take care,
            From Russia with love

          • Hi I am Larry, a retired teacher and research scientist, and my wife is Chinese, and we live in Virginia. Ever since I lived in Iran I have loved carpet. When I moved to Virginia I discovered Caucasian carpets and I really like them. Mt wife believes I am obsessive, and she is probably right but I have carpets on every wall. Some are antique and others I had made because I loved their pattern. The color, pattern, history and village of their creation is all fascinating. Well my father’s family are from Russia, maybe that is why I like carpet. It is a vanishing art and one we will miss when it is gone. Be well, Larry

  1. I am not Russian.

    But i have one good friend from Russia. He is indeed very charming and gorgeous person. Even he always said he is sort of evil person but i knew he is not. He is kind, he just not yet happy with his life.

    I become more little bit aware of Russian culture from his story. Its always the same in every country, because there always be a good person and bad person. I know it depends on how we look at. I learnt to not generalized ppl in one country outside my country.

    My Russian online friend, he didnt drink, not smooking also and not went in to club thing. In fact he is a smart person. Working as a 3D designer that always related with technology and so on. He could talk history very well. He is a smart and awesome man. Woman who will have him as a husband will be so lucky, i guess.

    So, for me, i can feel that of course not all Russian is bad 🙂

    Anyway, The carpet looks gorgeous and who am i to judge their decision to hang the carpet in to their house wall? They have reasons so just respect it. By the way, I love carpet. Here in Indonesia, we used to have it too to decorated room also but it will be put lay down on the floor like on several hotels room.

    By the way… I would like to say Happy Victory Day on this 9th May to all Russian people who read this


    • Attitude wiser then the years, thank you kindly and be sure – you will find your place and be happy in this world no matter what is going to happen, because this attitude and the will to understand (not judge) is essential for humanity to unite and prosper, as opposed to war and strife!

      Thanks for remembering the great Victory day and happy celebrations to you aw sell – no matter what date you use to commemorate the fall of that Evil – we’re all united in this glorious celebration, all who understand why millions of Russians\Soviets\others had to sacrifice their life and what they have bought for this world, for our (future) generations. Cheers from Baltics! =)

  2. The tradition of rugs on the walls originates in the Middle East. Say thanks to such countries as Persia, Syria etc. That was a time when Britain conquested Indya and took this pattern as some fasion trend. Russian Empire borrowed it from Britain (actualy, many people in the South of Russian Empire did it, but it became “trandy” only thanks to Britain). In Europe, this trend later died, but in Russia it standed for longer time. Nowadays, this tradition is dead: no one buy new rags to put it on the wall. The are only rags in modest appartments of people with low income (and obviously these rags were placed during the Soviet times, i.e. more than 25 years ago). Russians don’t believe modern American dads smoke pipes indoor in front of their children, so please do not think Russians are still following trends from the middle of last century. Thank you.

  3. Carpets on the wall. Loving it. This is wonderful. Too bad it’s a pity the coldest countries like Iceland and Finland where their walls get cold never developed such concept. They may lacked the intelligence or just tough-skinned. Funny how North Greek mountains (go to W. Macedonia around Grevena and so villages to check what I am saying) and Italy likes this carpets on the walls mystic epicness. I find it dark and mystical. Russians do it too, but they are overdoing it in an abnormally ugly and incredibly shitty industrial manner. Carpets looks like tomato vomit. Not cool. Not even dark and mysterious.

  4. I am from russia. I had a carpet on the wall when I was a kid. These days I have never seen carpet on the walls. Nowheare. We nailed our carpet because it was a second carpet and we just could not keep it somewhere in the house.

    • Hi Denis: I have carpets all over my walls. I have selected Caucasian rugs whose patters I really like or I have found some antiques which are great. They are beautiful and I enjoy looking at them. Insulation is not an issue. The old carpets were made differently then ones today: color was better, pattern was more intricate, and the color faded into colors which can only be called beautiful and can not be obtained with dyes. Be well, Larry

    • Hi Folks. Hanging carpet on the wall is a decorative technique used by many different people all over the world. Many people have an ethnic and/or tribal background that is represented by specific patterns in carpet. Iran, Turkey, and Afganistan have many people that are “tribal”, having a nomadic heritage, and typically decorate their homes with carpet and continue to do so when they have a city home. Also Russian and other nationalities that do not immediately identify with a “tribal” identity have older carpet which hung in their grandparents home and is a favorite piece of memorabilia. People all over Eastern Europe, Asia, and Russia live in apartments that can be are rather plain. Putting a carpet or two on the walls adds a lot of color, identity and warmth of mood. Personally all the space on the wally of my home are covered by my collection of carpets, and I love ambiance it creates. Older carpets not only and especially beautiful with colors that can not be achieved with modern dyes and allow me to see inside and be part of a much older culture then the one I live in. The study of carpet and carpet history is very interesting and has many mysteries!

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