5 Russian Laws that Foreigners Might Find Absurd


Russian lawmakers are proposing insane bills like to ban: McDonald’s, smoking for women under 40, rock music and treasure hunting. While some of the bills may not pass, others are likely to become a law. Below is a short list of recent actual regulations.

5. As of July 2014, a law came into force that bans the use of profanity in theaters, film and other cultural events. Russian bloggers are forbidden to use profanity as well. Offenders will face fines.


4. In June 2013, Russia received international criticism for enacting an anti-gay law, which purportedly was to prevent distribution of “non-traditional sexual relationships” ideas among minors.

3. President Barack Obama is banned from entering Chechnya.


2. It is illegal to drive a dirty car in the city of Chelyabinsk. Driving a dirty car can get you fined up to 2000 rubles (about $62).


1. Sale, import and production of lace panties is prohibited. Allegedly, lace women underwear does not comply with technical requirements adopted in Russia.


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