Intelligent Stray Dogs Use Public Transport in Moscow


If you get the chance to visit Moscow you might notice the public transport is also used by stray dogs. It seems they’re so common people don’t even pay attention to them anymore. But, how did this happen and why?


There’s an estimated number of 30.000 to 35.000 stray dogs in Moscow and they can be seen almost anywhere: markets, construction sites and underground passageways. They got so adapted to life in the city that they almost commute like regular people knowing exactly at which stations to get in and out.


A statue was built for one of the dogs that used to live in Moscow’s underground system. The dog was named Malchik (Mulchik) and the statue can be found in of the city’s train stations. The story says that a fashion model was walking with her dog and Malchik barked at her dog. The fashion model pulled out a knife and stabbed Malchik to death. The moscovites were so outraged that they built the statue in his honor. Passengers rub the statue’s nose for good luck.



Just a small portion of the dogs actually figured out how to navigate the subway, but the ones who did got so good at it that they know the spots where people are more likely to give them food and treats.


One of the scientists who’s actually studying them says that they’ve figured out even more things: when to cross the street at a green light and also that smaller dogs are more likely to get food because they don’t appear so threatening.

Moscow's Stray Dogs Master Using the Subways

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