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This isn’t the Russian they’re looking for

Last Sunday, in the city of Vichuga, 35 masked people entered a nightclub and attacked a table of five people. Attackers were heavily armed. Four victims were treated for light bodily injuries.

Police were called in and managed to catch two of the perpetrators as they fled. However, they turned out to be OMON special forces with ID, and were let go. There is an ongoing investigation.

The video immediately went viral on the Russian Internet. The calmly sitting man impressed everyone. He sat slowly sipping his drink, while the fight was going on around him. The man was dubbed as the toughest motherf**er on the planet.

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  1. The guy who calmly sat there was behind the attack. He make sure the target was there and what happened to him. Russia is a magic land where there is everything. There are beatings and murder, wealth and luxury, poverty, and squalor, slavery and freedom, devils and angles, machines and elves. You are luck to live in such an interesting place and time. It is closer to the old fairy tale Russia than it was in the days of the Czar.

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