Rare Photographs of Manul by Valeriy Maleev


Manul is certainly one of the most popular cats on the Internet (well, maybe also the grumpy cat). There are thousands pictures and memes of Manul floating around the web. Manul, also known as the Pallas’s cat, has even own electoral campaign (Manul for President).

In the wild, the cat stays away from people. It’s known for ability to hide and roam around unnoticed. People who live near these wild cats are often not even aware of their presence. Every wildlife photographers’ dream is to take picture of the Pallas’s cat in its natural habitat. Valeriy Maleev managed to capture images of these secretive and rare felines in the wild.

His works will be presented in the “Wild Russia” exhibition in January of 2015. Maleev is a biologist by education, traveler and talented photographer. His work is a must-see for all those interested in wildlife and animals in general.





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