Lenin’s Mausoleum Doused With Holy Water

Мавзолей облили святой водой

Activists of the “Blue rider” movement doused Lenin’s Tomb with Holy water. During the action they shouted “Get up and Leave”, referring to the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin. A few seconds later, both were detained by the police.

As explained by the activists, their performance represented an attempt to get rid of the Soviet past, which began to assert itself in the present time, because it is not completely buried.

Russian society is currently divided between two options: either to bury Lenin’s body or leave it for public display.

According to Wikipedia: Since 1991, there has been some discussion about removing the Kremlin Wall Necropolis and burying Lenin’s body. Vladimir Putin, opposed this, pointing out that a reburial of Lenin would imply that generations of citizens had observed false values during 70 years of Soviet rule.

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