Russia’s Strongest Shamans Gather to Pray for World Peace


On February 1st, 2015, fourteen strongest healers of Khakassia, Tuva, Altai and Siberia gathered in Novosibirsk to perform the traditional rite of purification in eve of Shaaga, the Lunar New Year. Shaaga or the Buddhist New Year, corresponds to the Lunar New Year.

According to the shamans, the year of 2015 is special. It’s the year of inner strength, discipline, constant effort and will. Shamans pointed out that many of troubles come from ourselves. While being in the pursuit of wealth and success, we don’t cherish our planet thus inflicting envy and wars. But in 2015 the old behavior algorithms fail. This year’s motto should be “I give to others.” For this you need to relax, free your mind and absorb the force of the earth and the sky. Then the soul will be filled with peace and love.

Hundreds came to see shamans in hopes of getting healed physically and emotionally. Many brought pictures of their ill children, while others came with their sick relatives. For many meeting with shamans was the last chance to get their feet on the ground or the last resort in the difficult struggle for health.









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