Sochi Restaurant Owner Lost Custody of Alcoholic Bears


20 years ago in Sochi, a Georgian restaurant owner got hold of a couple two brown bears. While the cubs were small, they were used for photo business. When they grew up, the owner placed them in cage next to the restaurant. People flooded the place, wanting to see the animals, so the restaurant revenue sharply increased. However, animals never received decent treatment.

No veterinary check ups were done. Animals were not fed properly or given clean water. Regularly, visitors of the restaurant were getting bears drunk for fun. As the result, bears developed alcoholism.

Сочинских медведей переселят от ресторана


In 2012, Sochi animal welfare activists organized a protest in hopes of attracting public attention to the problem. It was attended by hundred of concerned citizens.

According to the owner, bears were a family property, so they should have remained in his custody. On February 4th, 2015, Sochi court ruled against the owner. Unfortunately, no zoo agreed to take the alcoholic bears in. The restaurant owner is planning to appeal the court decision.

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