A ‘Wannabe Stuntman’ Jumped Off 9-story Building to Land in a Pile of Snow

Алтайский экстремал снял на видео "огненный прыжок" с девятиэтажки

In Novoaltaysk, Russian daredevil Alexander Chernikov set himself on fire and jumped off a 9-story apartment building. Alexander ended up with serious injuries. His reason to jump? He wanted to “test” himself while proving that there were “no limits to human possibilities.” Apparently, he is the founder of new extreme sports movement – DBA: “Dominance, Fearlessness, Adrenaline.” “With my methods a man develops an ability to think independently and act fearfully”, said the young man to police. The ‘wannabe stuntman’ was hospitalized with bruised lung and damage to internal organs. Police are now investigating the incident.

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