Smolensk journalist arrested, faces fines after posting a historical photo of the Nazi occupation

Polina Danilevich Image via

Polina Danilevich Image via

On February 28, Smolensk journalist Polina Danilevich was arrested and fined for Nazi propaganda. Polina Danilevich was taken to a local precinct, where she had to spend a few hours before being released. Her crime? On her “Vkontakte” page, she’s posted a picture of her neighborhood during Nazi occupation along with the caption “I found a photo of my neighborhood.” Dated 1941-1943, the photo depicts German soldiers with the Nazi flag. Picture was downloaded from a historical photo website


Because of this image, she was charged with the “Propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols” misdemeanor. On March 2nd, 2015, the court fined her 1000 RUR ($16 USD).

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