Russian court fined a Grammar Nazi

Maria Burdukovskaya. Photo via

Maria Burdukovskaya. Photo via

In Buryatia, the court fined Maria Burdukovskaya who has published the image of The Reichsadler (“Imperial Eagle”) with the caption “Grammatik Macht Frei” (Grammar makes (you) free) on her “VKontakte” page. According to the court, the image is Nazi propaganda. The picture was uploaded in June, 2014, but only on March 5, 2015 police officers filed an administrative offense case.



Burdukovskaya claimed that she wasn’t engaged in promotion of Nazism and published the post “in support of correctness and purity of Russian language”, however the court dismissed her arguments. Burdukovskaya was fined 1,000 RUR ($16 USD).

Ironically, Maria Burdukovskaya is the local representative of the pro-Kremlin organization the youth wing of the United Russia party. She was supposed to take part in the organization of Victory Day Parade, the event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945.

According to Wiktionary, Grammar Nazi is a person who habitually corrects or criticizes the language usage of others.

A Grammar Nazi Girl

A Grammar Nazi Girl

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