Insane Fad: Russian Kids Run in Front of Moving Cars On a Dare

Наперегонки со смертью бегают дети

While seeing of group of children on a roadside, drivers don’t assume that one of kids will suddenly run across the street. This is how a skilled driver accidentally ran over a third-grader, who had unexpectedly run through traffic. And this is not an usual traffic violation. The dashcam captured how the boy was waiting until cars approached closer, then suddenly rushed across the road. Later, Yekaterinburg police explained to the driver, that this was the new fad in Russian schools – to run across the busy highways on a dare. The child survived, but ended up in hospital with a fractured bone. According to his relatives, the child was bullied in school. In order to fit in, the kid voluntarily took part in the dangerous challenge. And this was not the only case in the city of Yekaterinburg. There are dozens of dashcam videos, where kids run through traffic on a dare. Not so long ago, one of these attempts ended with a fatality.

To explain the dangers of gambling with death, school officials are organizing urgent meetings with students.

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  1. November 27, 2016

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