Girls who danced at Malaya Zemlya Memorial Got Arrested

Girls, whose dance seemed obscene to some residents of Novorossiysk, were found guilty of misdemeanor by a local court. Girls in their twenties, uploaded to YouTube a video of them dancing in front of the WW2 memorial. The video supposed to be a promotional clip for their dance club. While gaining popularity in social networks, video caused a mixed response. Some considered the dance offensive, because of the location chosen by dancers. Novorossiysk mayor called for an investigation. As the result, girls were summoned to court and were sentenced from 10 to 15 days in jail.

Margarita Radetskaya was one of the dancers.

Margarita Radetskaya was one of the dancers.

Malaya Zemlya (Russian: Малая Земля) was a Soviet uphill outpost on Cape Myskhako that was recaptured after fierce, bloody battles with the Germans during the Battle of Caucasus, on the night of 4 February 1943.

The giant memorial commemorates the landing in this area by Red Army marines in February 1943 and their defense of the area until September, when the city of Novorossiysk was liberated.


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