Sign of the Times: World War II Victory Day Billboard Mix-Up Caused Public Outrage


In Russia, Victory Day is May 9, a day to commemorate the surrender of Nazi Germany in World War II. To mark the event, Russians are setting up billboards congratulating their World War II veterans. Recently, in the town of Ivanteevka, Moscow oblast, World War II Victory Day Billboard caused a pubic outrage. Designed to mark the 70 anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany, the billboard featured Nazi Junkers Ju 88 bomber crew with the caption “They Fought for Their Motherland”.


According to representatives of the advertising agency, the person responsible for the project used the wrong photograph by accident. The billboard was removed after public complaints.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first case of designers using wrong historical images. Previously, veterans were “congratulated” with billboards with the photographs of an American paratrooper on the island of GUAM, as well as an illustration from World in Conflict computer game.



In 2013, this photo-illustration of one of the most iconic moments of World War II — the raising of an American flag on Iwo Jima was used for Victory Day billboard in Russia.


Image by Michael Pojarsky

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