Vladimir The Doll, the Plush Toy of the Year


Have you ever wanted to have your very own dictator? Now you can!

Vladimir The Doll is a stuffed guy who has everything under control. He looks amazingly young and ridiculously photogenic.


According to his creators, Vladimir “helps fight procrastination. Just place him on your desktop and feel guilty under his gaze. It will also help you to avoid being responsible for your actions – every time you’ve messed up just say: “it’s not my fault, Vladimir forced me to do that!”.”


Vladimir is an 7.5 inches plush toy designed by Tanka Toys, based in Vladivostok. This small design company makes “mocking plush toys” — characters inspired by everyday news and pop culture. Tanka Toys has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 for the first mass production of the army of Vladimirs. You can find many uses of your doll, though, needles are not included.


To see more characters check out their website: tanka-toys.com

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