Alcoscanner: The Mobile App That Displays Local Liquor Discounts


A team of Russian enthusiasts “sobered up”, so, in three months, they developed an application that displays local liquor discounts on Yandex Maps.


They hired mystery shoppers to visit large retail chains (Auchan, Magnolia, Billa, Magnit, Atak, Aromatny Mir, and others) in order to find out about current deals and discounts offered on liquor. The information was gathered each week on Friday and Monday until 3 PM and “no later than that”. The daily route included over 60 retail chains, and over 1000 pictures were taken. As the result, “a comprehensive database of alcohol beverages sold in Moscow was gathered and was immediately made available online.”


In the nearest future, the team is planning to automate the process of updating the deals. Some kind of a special access to the app will be offered to store managers, so they will be able to update the price list themselves.


So far, Alcoscanner has around 10,000 downloads and the response from the public has been mostly positive. The team is planning to expand their app coverage beyond Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Some customers are asking for a Desktop PC version of the app.

AlcoScanner is available on GooglePlay and iTunes.

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