Pindos: The Short Film by Alla Eliseeva

For the uninformed, the word Pindos was introduced in the 19th century as a sobriquet for Greeks inhabiting the Black Sea region. Much later, Russian military personnel operating in Kosovo used it as a derogatory term to refer to the U.S. soldiers stationed there. As of today, pindos is simply a derogatory name for an American.

According to, the Russians owe this linguistic innovation to the Serbs of Kosovo.

The way American soldiers dressed in Yugoslavia, with heavy packs and with bulletproof vests suggested to the Serbs, the site says, that they looked like penguins. And since the word for penguin in Serbian is “pindo,” the Serbs applied it as a term of contempt for the Americans.

Some Russians now speak of “Pindostan” as a variant and dismissive term for the United States.

Russian film director Alla Eliseeva filmed a short movie called Pindos, which illustrates the attitude of an average Russian towards Americans.

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