Some Russians Protest LGBT Pride with Russian Flag Profile Pictures


Facebook has enabled a Celebrate Pride function which allows users to decorate their current profile picture with the iconic LGBT rainbow flag. In response, some Russian users of Facebook chose to decorate their profile pictures with the colors of Russian flag.

The first to apply patriotic colors to Facebook profile was Oleg Chulakov. Then, Richat Shigapov took the idea and volunteered to digitally edit profile pictures of those who were interested. According to him, he has started protest against same-sex marriage legislation in the US, “because he supports traditional family values”. Also, he has created a template that anyone can use to create own protest avatar.

Along with the Russian flag colored avatar, users added hashtags #pridetobestraight #pridetoberussian #гордбытьнатуралом #гордбытьрусским.





  1. July 11, 2015
  2. March 28, 2019

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