Lavrov’s Press Conference Blooper

Лавров. Дебилы, блядь. 11.08.15

Sergey Lavrov, the Russian diplomat and currently the Foreign Minister of Russia, got busted on camera muttering ‘****ing morons’ under breath at presser with Saudis.

From the recording is not clear to whom the minister’s statement referred to.  However, on 43rd minute into the press conference recording, the Russian minister made remark to the people sitting in the hall: “Are we bothering you?”, he asked.

Пресс-конференция глав МИД России и Саудовской Аравии

Many Russians are wondering what kind of language Russian government officials use among themselves. Lavrov’s comment provoked a humorous response from the Internet users, who posted Photoshopped images of the foreign minister, illustrating him as a Gopnik.


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