Voronezh residents rescued a pregnant dog who was buried alive by city workers

Спасение собаки замурованной рабочими. Воронеж

Cruel things are happening around the world daily, but thanks to the kindness of some people’s hearts there is a hope that animal cruelty will decrease. Voronezh residents saved the life of a stray dog, who was entombed underground. According to the residents, pavement collapsed in front of their apartment building entrance, which created a hole. On September 18, workers came and patched the hole. Two days later, people heard the dog whining coming from the underground. They assumed that workers (probably, accidentally) trapped the dog in the hole, while sealing it. Residents dug out the hole with bare hands and rescued the pregnant dog. She seemed frightened and overwhelmed, but now she is enjoying being overfed.


Rescued stray dog

Rescued stray dog


– via moe-online.ru

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