The Russian who will prove moon landings real

Проект спутника на орбиту Луны

Blogger and space enthusiast Vitaly Egorov (Zelenyikot) is the man behind the project to send a private microsatellite  to the moon. The satellite will have a capability of capturing high-resolution images and will attempt to find traces of man presence on the moon. Thus, he hopes to put an end to the Moon landing conspiracy once and for all.

Egorov and his team intend to cover expenses for the project with the help of crowdfunding. November 5th will be  the last day of the fundraising campaign to send a microsatellite and capture the evidence of moon landing. It already attracted even more than requested funds for the project: 1.2 million rubles (almost $20K USD).

Vitaly Egorov (Zelenyikot)

Vitaly Egorov (Zelenyikot)

According to the author of the campaign, the preparation will take about six months. Initially, the evidence will be available to those who provide financial or other assistance. Later, the proof will be available to the public. The satellite will be launched into the space aboard a government rocket.

– via Vitaly’s blog.

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