Neuro Jeep: Helmet That Lets You Control Objects With Your Mind

“Neuro Jeep”, a helmet which is controlled by the power of thought was introduced by some young inventors in Moscow on Tuesday. This helmet is a result of combined research of neuro-interface technology and radio controlled toys.

Recently, a group of young Russian inventors in Moscow have introduced a remotely controlled vehicle, that is controlled by the power of thought. The project took several years of research in neuroscience and electronics. As a result, so-called “Neuro Jeep” was invented.
In order to control the vehicle a special helmet is required. It receives a signal from the brain and causes the vehicle to move. Reportedly, the device reacts to emotions.

The inventors work under the supervision of an architect and industrial designer Timur Aktaev. They continue the further development of their device, in order to launch the production of telekinetic objects and smart toys. Presently, the Neuro Jeep is demonstrated at various scientific exhibitions.

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