How Social Media Users Responded to Turkey’s downing of Russian warplane

On Tuesday, Turkey downed the Russian warplane over Syria. Social network users promptly responded with a series of jokes. Even though this is not a laughing matter, there is always something positive even in the worst situations.

Putin referred to the incident as the backstabbing.


The incident triggered a wave of protests in Russia. Turkish embassy in Moscow was pelted with stones and eggs.

People gathered in front of the embassy with homemade banners.


Some Twitter users predicted that Russian tourists will avoid flying to Turkey.

And, indeed, on November 24th, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Turkey “is no less a threat than Egypt.” In this regard, he recommended not to travel to Turkey.

"When most definitely Natasha will not come"

“When most definitely Natasha will not come”

Meanwhile, the Internet responded with satirical cartoons and images.

Some compared Putin to the Superman flying over the graveyard in Syria.


Some posted Soviet posters.

USSR shading light on the US and Turkey

USSR shading light on the US and Turkey

Others shared vintage illustrations of the Russo-Turkish Wars.





Tetris game where the Kremlin is getting bombarded by airplanes, jets, oil and Crimea was mentioned on Twitter.

And since the incident happened around Thanksgiving, naturally, Obama and Turkey jokes started popping up all over the Internet.



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