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Russia Today: “Watch how evil Kremlin propaganda REALLY works”

Russia Today went live on December 10, 2005. In the US, RT is often called a “propaganda bullhorn” or “Putin’s magnificent messaging machine”. The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism even run a project for a class to measure what RT does. Called RT Watch, the weblog was used by students to track the alleged disinformation run by RT. 10 years have passed. The issue of RT being the biased source of information is still often discussed on the web. Nevertheless, RT has gained a significant audience. According to Similarweb statistics, Russia Today ( drives more traffic than USAToday and even the Voice of America. In this humorous video, Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan explains how Russia Today managed to get “to the top”.

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  1. Lol, you guys must be kidding me.
    When I signed up I didn’t know this website was a propaganda tool to bash Russia. I hear enough of that on CNN, by the way R.T is a way better news channel! This is coming from a South African.

    Please un- subscribe me.

  2. well, the thing that you find your own goverment/leaders/western lifestyle/their point of view in general repulsive doesn’t automatically imply that Russia and its outlets are right no matter what. Of course CNN and all the other news channels have their own narratives (for instance, refugees should be portraiyed positive), but if RT is your informational “shelter” that is as ignorant view as believing all the CNN shit. And RT is oficially funded by RF government – is it ringing any bells?

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