Poroshenko Tweeted Fake Cover Of The Economist Magazine


The Economist magazine published its annual collection of predictions for 2016, which identify and explore the issues that will shape the year ahead. On the cover of the magazine are images of people that will have an impact on world in 2016. The cover pictures a range of prominent people from politics, business, science and economy.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko posted the cover on his “Twitter” account, where among the other world leaders was the image of him. However, the original cover had a picture of the Russian president Putin, so Poroshenko replaced the face of the Russian leader with his own, and posted a fake image.

Poroshenko’s tweet was deleted within 15 minutes after publishing. Naturally, users of social networks immediately ridiculed Petro Poroshenko for the fake cover.












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  1. The Russians make a scandal of it. But don’t you realize Petro Petroshenko hat a message to tell with that photoshopping? The message is: in 2017 Putin the Aggressor will be gone and I will be up front. And I sincerely hope he is right. As Putin is hitting the skids and Poroshenko is raising together with Ukraine.

    • I agree. IMHO, he was proly celebrating the New Year. Here is what his cryptic caption translates to “Some gifts I take not as a compliment, but as a personal responsibility. Adding this to my agenda for the holidays.” If he indeed wanted to say that ” in 2017 Putin the Aggressor will be gone and I will be up front.”, why wouldn’t he tweet the appropriate caption?

      • Diplomat speak. He could imagine they would rush on him with a shit-storm if he had outspoken the thought so clearly. So he used indirect ways. Obviously did not imagine the shit-storm would happen anyway and just concentrate on the photoshopping alone and not point at the changing of the year number at all… so the Russians rudely reduced the whole issue to Poroshenko wanting to be a ‘big man’ on the place of 2016’s Putin. Maybe want to distract, or they are just too dumb for understanding the message.

        • I had a friend a few years ago. Last message I’ve received from him was when he went to Maidan. I just hope he didn’t die for these sort of indirect messages and presidents who are concentrated on photoshopping.

    • Meanwhile, he still has a candy plant in Russia which still continues to work normaly paying taxes to “the agressor”. Big words mean nothing if your deeds contradict them

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