Welcome to the shaman – Tuva

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Welcome to the shaman. Shaman – ceremony
Shamans’kamlaniye – Kamlanie is a magical communication between shamans and spirits. Accompanied by the sound of drum, the shaman emits sounds resembling to voices of a crow or a cuckoo-bird. These are magical birds which empower the shaman to sing his incantations. He is sitting backwards to the fire , monotonously beats his drum and has a conversation with his supporting spirits.
Finally he banishes evil spirits away or claims the situation to be fatal. Whatever the outcome of the kamlanie is, the shaman makes sacrifice to his spirit-helpers with spraying milk over four directions and burning pieces of meat and bread.
This rite can be of two kinds : the one of healing and the one of worship: worship of fire, worship of sacred trees or worship of patron of a clan. The kamlanie is held according to regular and fixed scheme: purification – invocation of necessary spirits – searching for the reason of a desease or ritual consecration processing – hostile spirits exorcism – fortune-telling of the results of the kamlanie or the future of presented people. Photo by
Rita Willaert/Flickr

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