St. Petersburg’s Orthodox Cossacks Prepared Personal “Oscar” for DiCaprio


Representatives of the St. Petersburg society “Orthodox Union of Cossacks” prepared a personal “Oscar” for the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. In case if the actor doesn’t get the official award, DiCaprio will receive the award from the Cossacks.

According to the Cossack society, the talented actor has long been worthy of receiving the Oscar Statuette. The actor also is an honorary member of the Cossack society because he has Russian ancestry. Leonardo’s ancestors were forced to leave Soviet Russia after the revolution of 1917.

An alternative award for the actor was prepared in Yakutia. Oscar look alike statuette is holding a national Yakut vessel, that was made of the jewelry donated by 144 women.


The jokes started popping all over the Twitter.

"When you've got two Oscars: one of the Buryats, and the second one from the Orthodox Cossacks"

“When you’ve got two Oscars: one of the Yakuts, and the second one from the Orthodox Cossacks” @atticus_flinch

Photo by Lentach

Photo by Lentach

Photo by Zalim Anaev

Photo by Zalim Anaev

Here’s Roman Burtsev, Russia’s DiCaprio look-alike, starring in his own version of “The Revenant”

Leonardo DiCaprio wins Oscar. The Revenant | Russian remake 2016 HD

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