A Cafe Devoted To Putin Opened in Krasnoyarsk

In Krasnoyarsk, “President-café” has opened, which is entirely devoted to Vladimir Putin. Exterior is decorated with the Russian flag, and the interior is entirely devoted to the president and Russia. On the walls portraits of Putin are hang the way to form the shape of a heart.


The toilet floor mat is in the US flag colors, and on toilet paper American leader Barack Obama’s image is printed. Also, there are posters of politicians, who support sanctions against Russia. Visitors can “express an opinion on Western countries” using markers.

NATO restroom Photo by Maria Ananova/Kp

NATO restroom Photo by Maria Ananova/Kp

Cafe staff presents itself as “Putin’s team.” Menu is presented as conventional dishes: french fries, barbecue, a variety of soups. They get creative with salad and drinks. For example, visitors can order a salad “President” and a cocktail in the colors of the Russian flag. The average check is around 150 rubles.

One of the co-founders of cafe Svetlana Lautman, describes the concept of the cafe:
“I was taking some classes in a college in the USA. I was majoring in large and medium business management. 98% of my friends do not understand why I came back. Yes, America has a wow factor, when you’ve just arrived. But during school time I realized that I was way too different. Americans work hard, then go home and lay on a couch and that’s it; no entertainment, no hobbies. When there was an earthquake and a blackout, Americans were like helpless kittens. We are different: you can spot a Russian child from far in a crowd. Russian kids have a meaningful glance on their faces. I returned to Russia and went nuts. Everybody is dissatisfied. They don’t see much of what surrounds them. One woman said: “My dream is to live in America.” How can she even say that?! First of all, you need to create a comfortable environment at home. That’s why we have a poster on the wall which says: “What have you done for Russia?”.

Svetlana Lautman, the co-founder of Putin Cafe Photo by Maria Ananova/Kp

Svetlana Lautman, the co-founder of Putin Cafe
Photo by Maria Ananova/Kp

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