Garage – Russian Men’s Getaway


Many apartment buildings in Russia have a designated parking lot, but not a garage. Usually, garages are built farther away from a residential area. Many men love escaping to their garages and for them, garage is a home away from home. This is the place, where man is totally relaxed: it’s his cave.This is the weekend or after-work getaway for men. They go there when they are happy or when they have to wait out the storm (angry wife that is). Garage is a perfect place for a man to clear his head, while washing his car and get refreshed with a bottle or two beer. Sometimes, if there are more than one garage-neighbors, they gather up and eat home-made pickles and drink vodka or even fire up a barbeque.

And then they drink, denounce the injustice of life that leaves them thus condemned to the garage, and feel better until such time as they have to confront their wives.

Russian Workers: The Anatomy of Patience By Sarah Ashwin

The men spend a lot of time there, repairing their cars and talking politics or gossiping; at least, that’s what their wives think. After all, what happens in the garage, stays in the garage.



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