Social media users supported schoolboy who was bullied by classmates


A support of an 11 year old Stepan Saveliev, who loves dinosaurs and computer games, has acquired a cosmic scale. A video message to Stepan in Russian language was recorded by NASA astronaut Dan Burbank, followed by the many users of “Vkontakte”, as well as celebrities of the Russian IT–industry and show business.

It all started, when schoolboy’s mother Svetlana Stroganov asked her followers on Facebook to help out her eldest son. A kind and sweet little boy got bullied by his classmates, because of the lack of “likes” on his “Vkontakte” page. “I have an older son Stepan. He’s 11, but he’s a bit infantile, a bit naïve and very childish. Today at school his classmates laughed at him, because he posts images of dinosaurs, tanks and video game trailers on his page. They said: “nobody likes you. You are a loser.” Because of them, Stepan got very sad and even cried. So please, can someone who has a “Vkontakte” account “like” his posts randomly?” — Svetlana posted.

Stepan Saveliev Photo via his Vkontakte page

Stepan Saveliev Photo via his Vkontakte page

The first who replied to her post were friends of Svetlana, but soon her post went viral and thousands liked the little boy’s posts. Many left dozens of encouraging comments, where they supported the interest of Stepan in dinosaurs and LEGO. Numerous folks “friended” him and others sent him virtual gifts. In support of a little fan of dinosaurs, Russian Rapper Basta has recorded a video message for him. List of Stepans supporters include: two former press secretaries of Russian social network, the former Deputy head of Roskomnadzor, the top Manager of Group, the president of Tatarstan and many others. Only, because of the little boy, the management of “Vkontakte” returned the rating system. Now the page of Stepan Savelev states that his popularity is “146%”; so-called “Golden” status.


Stepan has already been invited to the Museum of Paleontology, the office “VKontakte”, and even to Ivan Urgant show (Russian version of the Late Night Show) on the federal channel. The kind little boy has reconciled with classmates, who teased him. They even decided to organize a dinosaur fun club, where Stepan will deliver a speech and his friend Platon, will make treats in a shape of a dinosaurs. The event may take place in the museum of Paleontology.

Stepan’s family is large. He has an older sister Sasha; she is 24 years old and lives separately. Also, he has three younger siblings: 6 year old Sonia, 5 year old Olya and 3 year old Nazar, who are adopted. Mother of the boy admitted that she was absolutely surprised by the overwhelming support, while Stepan is worried that he cant thank everyone personally.

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