10 Year-old Girl Tells A Story of Her Great-Grandfather By Drawing With His Ashes

A little girl used a rather unusual way to pay the tribute to her great-grandfather who fought in WWII. “It’s my great-grandfather, or part of his ashes from the urn”. 10 year old Anya states in the beginning of the video, while holding the urn of her great-grandfather, who passed away a year ago. The girl posted a video on YouTube, where she draws with ashes of her great-grandfather. The girl’s simple drawings change, as she tells the story of her great grandpa. While drawing with the ashes scattered on glass, she talks about his WWII days, his life after the war and about the history of his family in general. The video is sweet and touching, but because of the unusual material chosen for this art form, it feels a little creepy to watch.

The video caused a lot of comments; mostly negative, judgmental and aggressive.

“I thought I saw everything in my life… Until now…”

“Well, yes, it would have been more interesting, if they dug up the bones of great grandma and play the drums with them, while the national anthem played on background; grandma would appreciate.”

A therapist suggested to check the parents of the young artist.

Update: Apparently, the video is a “viral promo of an upcoming horror movie“. No real ashes were used while filming the video. Apparently, Nikita Mikhalkov, the guy behind that video, was trying to send a message, pointing out that it’s not cool to play with the history.


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