Victory Day Parade in Pictures

Today Russia celebrates the 71st anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat. The annual Victory Day parade commemorates USSR’s victory over Nazi forces in World War II.  Traditionally, people come to the parade with posters, soviet memorabilia and with the pictures of their ancestors, who fought in WW2. Here are some images from today’s celebration, that went viral on social media.

Apparently, the cult of Stalin is still alive in Russia.

Natalia Poklonskaya is the chief prosecutor of the newly-created Autonomous Republic of Crimea. She surprised everyone by holding a religious icon instead of a photo of her relative, who fought in WW2.

Banners of Stalin and Beria; Stalin’s notoriously famous helper.

Jeff Monson, a mixed martial artist from the USA, with Lenin and Stalin banners. Jeff often talks about his support of the modern Communist party.

This guy dressed as a tank.

Mysterious Cinderella.


While visitors were capturing the parade, the tankman was documenting the event from his point of view.

It’ was difficult to see the parade because of crowds of people, but this father got creative.

Others got on top of a truck to see the event.

Participants of the Immortal Regiment walk carry banners of their relatives who fought in WW2.

The child with a banner of his veteran relative.

Snipers are watching over the Parade.

@ Russian TV

@ Russian TV

Bizarre May 9 video: Russian Krishnas in Red Army hats singing for Victory Day.

Кришнаиты в Москве празднуют День Победы

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