When life gives you a bump, make a mountain


A few photos have been floating around social media, that illustrate how creative Russians can be and how they can make the best of a bad situation.

The photographs depict a result of a car accident. A neighbor bumped into the door of a parked vehicle. Pretty upsetting, but everything went by the book. Since there is no mandatory car insurance in Russia, drivers solve the problem by themselves. The neighbor paid for the damage: he bought a door and gave enough cash for the necessary work. However, the car owner was not able to make an appointment with a busy car mechanic, so he proceed with his earlier arrangement and drove off to the Altai mountains. On his way, he got so inspired by the beauty of the mountains, that he decided to paint the door of his car. He had nothing to loose; the door should be replaced anyway and a tattoo master was accompanying him on his trip. One thing led to another and all the bumps and scratches were soon turned into a beautiful landscape. Only a black marker was used for the painting; dents make a grey shade of the mountains and scratches naturally blend into the white color of clouds.






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