Life of Boris: The Rising Slav YouTube Superstar

Boris, the Shashlik King via Instagram

Boris, the Shashlik King via Instagram

Youtube channel “Life of Boris” is rapidly gaining popularity. The person, who runs the channel keeps his identity in secrecy; it’s the part of his Slav image. He comes from a Slav country, but right now he lives and works as a programmer in Estonia. His YouTube channel got so much support from his followers, that he is planning to quit his job and to become a full time YouTuber.

It’s all started when “Boris” made a humorous video for his friend.  They had a good laughs, so he made more videos. And that’s how it took off. People around Boris enjoy Slav humor, so it became an idea behind the theme of his channel. He never saw it coming, but people responded well to his videos. Boris loves to make people laugh and making people happy is his thing, so that’s more than enough for an inspiration. Motivation is all around him, so he has ideas for new videos enough for years to come.

Boris has around 130,000 followers on his social media platforms including: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Twitter, Twitch. It takes a lot of time to maintain popular channel. Despite this, he responds to his fans. “I do not see myself as a big, popular person. People express their surprise, when I answer in chats, they get starstruck. But, I like talking to my fans when I can. Even if its couple of sentences, it still makes their (and my) day better.” Boris tells WeirdRussia.

You can help out Boris with some donations. He has a Patreon account.

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