Russia’s Richest Kids on Instagram

“RRK”, these three golden letters are abbreviation of the Rich Russian Kids Instagram account. This closed community is for those, who have everything to show off to their subscribers. A list of their must haves include: expensive cars, private airplanes and parents’ wealth. The main point of the community is to showcase how quickly rich kids are spending their money, while you are scrolling through their Instagram page.

The person who runs the account keeps his identity in secrecy. He publishes submissions of rich Russian kids and does it because he loves interacting with them. He was surprised to find out, that in general they are good people. He is certain that showcasing these rich kids will help the country to form an international status image of Russia. “I just wanted to show that Russia can be fun as well” says 21 year old account administrator, who goes by the nickname Prince of Saint Petersburg.

They get to know each other while communicating in private chats.

Mansur is 22 years old. He calls himself a true patriot and his idol is Ramzan Kadyrov. Armored vehicles, guns and sporty looking friends are often featured on his Instagram account.


Originally, Mansur is from Chechnya. He fully supports Ramzan Kadyrov and praises him for helping simple folks, developing agriculture, education system and tourism industry in Chechnya.

Despite the fact, that Mansur’s parents are rich, he sees the importance of self growth. He sought a financial support and advice from his relatives and opened a car wash business. Now, he says that he appreciates money more, since he knows how difficult is to make it. He is proud of his small business, even though it’s not the most prestigious type of business for a son of a millionaire.

Mansur is one of the VIP members of the Rich Russian Kids club. That means that his selfies will be published more often than others. He can offer ideas for developing the community and get more support/likes of his photographs. According to him, the main objective is to gain popularity on the Internet, to grow to be an Internet celebrity in order to “do good things” for the society.


19 years old Danya is the star of the community, but he is mostly down to earth in real life. His selfie with his idol Putin gathered more than 4K likes.


“I thanked him for a selfie and told him, that he is the best President” And he replied: “Thank you.” “That made my day”: Danya said.

His selfie with Sergey Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Russia, was liked by almost 3K people.


Danya with Peskov, the Press Secretary for the President of Russia.


He asked not to share his last name, but it’s clear that Danya’s parents are quite important people in Russia. However, he dresses like an average teenager and likes bikes. He deleted all his luxurious life images and enjoys his guy next door image.

These kids were born rich. They were born in families with money and connections. But will they be able to sustain the money inherited from their parents and can they add to it? Because to gather “likes” on a social network is way easier than to accumulate wealth.


You can watch the full report about Rich Russian Kids on YouTube.

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