RFI: How Russian TV Fakes News

Когда самый крупный российский телеканал манипулирует визуальной информацией - Le Petit Journal

Recently, Russian TV channel “Russia-1” aired the segment about anti-European sentiment in France. On May 15th, the original story was aired on “Vesti Nedeli” with news anchor Dmitry Kiselyov. The main theme was “the growing movement of Euro-skeptics in France.” However, the Le Petit Journal show (broadcasted by the French TV Canal+) called out “Russia-1” for faking facts. According to RFI news agency, statements were either translated wrongly or were completely made up. Russian journalists mainly filmed protestors, who were dissatisfied with the new labor act. People have responded in this context, saying nothing neither about Europe, nor about “euroscepticism”. Words of interviewees were subjected to “translation”, to later proclaim that people are afraid of migrants.

French journalists found every interviewee, who confirmed that the questions asked by Russian journalists were about the law of labor. Most statements were mistranslated to create the desired misinformation by the Russian TV. Besides average French folks, a couple of politicians were filmed by “Russia-1” team. After seeing “translation” of his words, former Minister Bruno Le Maire expressed the wish that Russian TV channels were more professional and deliver accurate, uncut statements to public. In the Russian translation, special emphasis is placed on the phrase that “France needs to cooperate more with Russia”.

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