In Vladimir region, a family with children jumped out of the balcony to escape fire

Во Владимирской области семья с детьми выпрыгнула из окна, спасаясь от огня

One of the apartments of five floor apartment building was caught on fire. The fire started in the apartment on a forth floor. But, the family living in the apartment on the fifth floor was blocked by fire. Neighbors called the fire department, but as fire progressed fast, there was no time to waste. So, neighbors stretched the carpet below the burning apartment and encouraged the family to jump.
“Apartment was filled with smoke, and we had hard time breathing. We have a 11-month-old baby, with a heart condition. Husband and I realized, that only way out was the balcony. All I wanted was to safe my children”, fire survivor said.
First, they threw a baby, followed by an older child, then their mother and father jumped. As a result, the head of the family got injured and now he is in the hospital.

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