Mysterious Sands of Russia: Documentary About The Only Desert Above The Arctic circle

Mysterious Sands of Russia. Russian village surviving in the sands

There is an interesting documentary on YouTube about the only desert above the Arctic circle. It tells a story of a small village that went through drastic environmental changes in the recent years.

The village of Shoina is located beyond the Arctic Circle and its stretched on a few dozes of miles by the White sea coast. The village was founded in 1930 and soon became the base for the fishing industry. The port used to host hundreds of cargo ships. Heavy trawling completely destroyed natural vegetation of seabed. As a result, arctic winds started to blow the sand from the sea into the land. Over the past 50 years accumulated sand formed huge sand dunes and buried buildings in it. Even though, most of the village is now under the sand, some folks still continue to live there.

This short documentary runs in 26 minutes and it is yet another example of human greed, neglect and careless approach to nature. It reminds how precious our environment is.







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