Viral Video: A cyclist crossing the road

The video of a road rage incident is making rounds on the Internet. The plot of the video is difficult to wrap a head around. Many viewers come up with their own theories and scenarios and speculate about the story in the video. But the most right assumption is that:

The bicyclist is jaywalking. The jerks in Porsche see an opportunity for bullying. The Land Cruiser claims to free the way, as it stops behind the Porsche. The jerks see another opportunity for a road rage and attempt to bully Cruiser’s driver. The Land Cruiser turns out to belong to a high level civil servant, from either defense, secret or police service. Presumably, the car is backed up by a Volkswagen van, full of armed guys. They immediately jump out of the van and arrest the bullies.

All this Looks like an arrest. The guys in camouflage seem to be from a special forces unit of some police branch. The jerks on Porsche might have been under surveillance. Special forces might had another plan in mind, but they decided to act on an opportunity.

Some claim, that the video is staged. However, in Russia road rage and violence is a common occurrence.

Update 7/24/2016: the video has been removed from YouTube.

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