Slash Arena: How a Russian built his video game

Have you ever wondered, what it takes to build a video game from scratch? Well, Alex Simakhin just created one, and shared his experience with us.


Alex Simakhin used work in video game industry for 5 years. Just before leaving his job, a thought crossed his mind. “Why do I need to look for a new job, when I can build a game myself” Simakhin asked himself.

“I had two 3d model packages, 75 3d models assets, Unity engine and a bunch of ideas of all sorts. Obviously, that wasn’t enough to build a video game from scratch, but once I started working on it, it became difficult to stop. The only thing that I was worried about were deadlines.”

The idea was to make a simple multiplayer game, as he already had a similar experience. Everything was paid from personal savings: 3D models, sounds, graphics, interfaces and food/accommodation. Alex did everything alone and worked almost seven days a week, 8-12 hours a day. He took breaks in the afternoon, by then he was getting overwhelmed from work. Occasionally, he was distracted by a freelance work, that he did in order to make some money.

Development Diary:

Alex was capable of making models/texturing/animating, but decided to buy everything except the code. Otherwise, development of the game would take forever. It all started with 3D models.


Once, he found a set for a fantasy setting, Alex decided to try it out. So he created a small animated prototype.

Then, he deployed a server and configured the connection. “It’s just a cube, but it brought me a lot of suffering” Alex recalls.

And then it began; working on the game physics.

Then, he joined the animations with physics, added interfaces and chose the right obstacles for the game.

“Game physics still seems to be a tricky part; dwarfs look like they are skating on the ice. Debugging process is needed” Alex says.

After adding 3D models of the virtual world and death animation, the game begins to resemble a video game.

He taught a dwarf to lay the steaks in a large quantities.

Now the food falls from the sky.

Next, Alex added some beauty and interfaces.

Now, the map configuration is needed, so that the characters can roam around.

He added angry bots.

Rebuilt the animation, added death to dwarf character and rebuilt it all together.

Created the forge with a set of weapons and set up an animation for each weapon.


He created some beautiful screenshots, to attract attention.


And found an artist to create the game icons.


Next, it took another 3 weeks to optimize the game and to fix bugs.

While, currently the game is in alpha–testing mode, you can still download it for your mobile device, or try it out on the Web. Presumably, at the end of August it will be available in Russia and the former USSR countries. After that, the game will be released worldwide. The game is also available on GooglePlay for beta testers. You can also follow the game community on

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