Putin and Medvedev had a perfect campfire lunch with fishermen

Photo via 03grb.ru

Photo via 03grb.ru

The Kremlin Website has posted several photos of Putin and Medvedev’s trip on a boat. During the trip, they “accidentally” met the average, local fishermen, who were dressed in surprisingly clean and shiny orange uniforms, with reflectors.

After the meeting, the President and the Prime Minister decided to have an outdoor lunch with the fishermen. They all sat on stumps by the campfire and enjoyed lunch break, that seemed to be organized by a perfectionist.

Photo via fontanka.ru

Photo via fontanka.ru

Once the images hit the web, the response by folks didn’t delay. “The fish soup was served just like in the best restaurants, with dill and lemon. And of course, average Russian fishermen always carry clean porcelain set and spoons with them”.

“I dont know how about you, but I always fish with a set of stumps and dishes: just in case the leader, with his pet bear show up unexpectedly”.


Just a side note, Medvedev was wearing a perfect replica of M-43 jacket by Ralph Lauren, which retails at $295.00.



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