Russian drunk an entire bottle of vodka to avoid paying for it - Мужчина выпил бутылку водки в магазине

Creative resident of Vladivostok found a way to get drunk for free. He visits local liqueur shops and supermarkets, where he drinks a bottle of vodka and leaves without paying for it. Several times the man was caught and fined. Once, store employees even called an ambulance, as he became sick after drinking alcohol.

According to, 34-year-old man was frequently visiting liqueur shops in different districts of Vladivostok. There, he drank a bottle of vodka (with a volume of 0.5 or 0.7 liters) in one gulp. Then, he used to march toward the exit and in most cases, managed to leave without paying. However, in several occasions he was stopped by guards and was asked to pay for alcohol. But, the man acted as though he did not understand what was going on, and claimed, that the bottle was already empty. He got several tickets, but he continues getting drinks “on the house”.

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  1. October 24, 2016

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