American Bald Eagle Statue in the Heart of Saint Petersburg


The Singer House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Saint Petersburg. Also, it is a home of largest and most famous bookshop, Dom Knigi (“House of the Book”). However, today we focus on the bald eagle statue; the symbol of the American pride, that sits on the glass dome of the Singer Company Building.

During the World War I, the Singer Sewing Machine Company was accused of espionage. The name of the company was associated with Germany, because few people knew, that Singer was sewing uniforms for the Russian army. In 1919, owners of the company rented out the bottom floor of the building to the US Embassy for a brief period. So, they began to strongly emphasize, that “Singer” is an American company. This is, when the American eagle was installed on top of the building.

However, in 1920s, the eagle statue mysteriously disappeared, it was only re-installed recently. The sculpture was recreated from the photographs and drawings of the early XX century. So, now there it sits, the symbol of American pride, with its wings spread.

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