Glass Beach: Nature’s Way of Recycling

Located in the suburbs of Vladivostok, Ussuri bay is a home of a Glass Beach. The coast is covered in millions of pieces of shards of glass and porcelain. This beach is an amazing example of human irresponsibility and nature’s diligence. Sea has polished every piece of a broken bottles and brought it to the perfect form, before returning a glass to the shore.

Until 2011, the local residents had an ambiguous attitude towards the bay. There are several versions of the formation of a unique landscape of a Glass Beach. According to one version, the beach once was a waste disposal, for a local porcelain factory. Locals considered the beach to be a continuation of the urban garbage dump and preferred to stay away from it.

Today, garbage is no longer dumped in the area and waste is turned into a tourist attraction. Coast looks more like a huge glittering mosaics, and the beach is framed by the rock, that resembles volcanic lava frozen in bizarre shape.

Image credits: Anna Pozharskaya

Image credits: RGO

Image credits: Anna Pozharskaya

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Image credits: grunja

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