An Outdated Dental Clinic in Moscow Region

Recently, a series of photos of the Dental Clinic N2 (Lyubertsky district hospital N1), went viral. At first glance, the building looks like an abandoned homeless shelter, but it is a fully functioning public dental clinic. Inside, there is a waiting room and long line of patients. The equipment, that’s being used is dated; to say the least. However, the doctors seem to be qualified. They had worked for twenty years in Moscow, but two years ago, as a result of reforms, the doctors were sent to the region.
There are only two drugs used in the clinic: dental cement and Lidocaine. The cement filling falls out in a month, but apparently, the regional health care can not afford more modern materials. When it comes to the local anesthesia, patients are welcome to bring their own drugs.
Surprisingly, this remarkable dental clinic is located not in some rural area, but in around 10 miles from the Moscow Ring Road.

via Julia Kalinina/Facebook

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