Public toilet with candles at the central bus station in Voronezh

Public bathroom, located at the central bus station in Voronezh has no heating, electricity and water, since the beginning of the year. Toilet fee is 15 rubles, which is around $0.25. The place is lit up with candles inserted in plastic bottles.

According to the manager of the bathroom Valentina Terekhina, the administration of the bus station is to blame for the problems, as it “kills a small business.” Terekhina was renting the place from the bus station, till the end of 2016, when the bus station stopped taking rent. Then, they demanded to vacate the premises, followed by, cutting of a heating, water and electricity.
The representative of the bus station administration explained, that they can not rent out the toilet, since it is in the regional ownership. However, that didn’t stop them to take money from the tenant in previous years.

So locals ended up with a public restroom, romantically lit by the candle lights.

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В воронеже на центральном автовокзале в туалет ходят при свечах.

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