Hot Tours to Donbass

The war in the South-East Ukraine is not over yet. But, the “Young Donetsk Republic” has started to develop its tourism and offers seriously hot tours.

Russian blogger Alexandr Belenky came across an ad.

The bus tour starts in Rostov-on-Don and lasts three days. Travelers will be able to see the Donbass Arena, Donetsk Airport and other battle sights , the “Saur Grave” memorial and other destinations. The tour costs 20 thousand rubles (around $350 USD).

The travel route was named “Donetsk Unconquered” and developed by the travel agency “Donavia-DNR”.

Besides the places of recent battles, visitors can see parks, boulevards and gardens. It’s not clear if any “additional attractions” are available.

Alexandr considers this as a great opportunity for those, who call themselves “vatniks” (patriots), since now they can finally visit Novorossia. Only, if they value their lives for 20 thousand rubles.

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