Anti-Putin Protests Met by Riot Police, Soviet Troops and Medieval Warriors

On June 12, 2017, simultaneously in many cities across the country, protests against alleged corruption in the Russian federal government took place. The surreal images came from Moscow Tverskaya Street, where Moscow was planning a historical reenactment festival, however, Navalny has moved his protest over there. 150k people were expected. Navalny was warned by the Moscow Prosecutor, that holding a rally on Tverskaya St. is against the law. Police was obliged to ‘take measures’. But, the rally took place anyways, in the midst of various costumed historical reenactments, which were attended by many Putin supporters. As the result, the protests turned out surreal.

In this video, Soviet soldiers re-enactors grab anti-Putin protestor to hand him over to the police.

НКВД задерживает протестующего 12 июня

Protestors chanting “Russia without Putin” in this video.

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These guys from the reenactment, protect people from riot police, who crushes tents and people.

Nearly 700 people have been detained in Moscow this afternoon. Protests in St Peterburg looked much more aggressive than in Moscow.

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